Dynamics 365 – Create SharePoint folders without GUID

If you have ever come across the problem that Dynamics CRM out-of-the-box documents integration creates SharePoint folders with GUID appended to the record name, you probably wonder if this can be disabled in a supported way. The answer is – yes it can, but you cannot do it using CRM Web Interface. Instead, it can be achieved by using the tool OrgDBOrgSettings which is available alongside all other Dynamics 365 related downloads. Firstly, go to the:


Scroll down and choose CRM2016-Tools-KBXXXXXXX-ENU-amd64.exe. After downloading the tool, extract it to some folder and open Microsoft.Crm.SE.OrgDBOrgSettingsTool.exe.config file. Inside you will have to provide some authentication details – most likely you are not connecting to CRM 4.0, so you can skip OrgDBOrgSettingsTool_CrmService_CrmService, but you should fill:

After you filled in all this information, you can simply run the tool the following way:

Microsoft.Crm.SE.OrgDBOrgSettingsTool.exe Retrieve [/u] <OrgName>

Which (after providing the password) will give you all the settings for the orgname (/u specifies if this is unique name of the organization or friendly name), so for example:

Microsoft.Crm.SE.OrgDBOrgSettingsTool.exe Retrieve /u orgname

If you want to update some setting you can run:

Microsoft.Crm.SE.OrgDBOrgSettingsTool.exe Update [/u] <OrgName> <SettingName> <Value>

All the settings, with allowed values, are listed here:


I advise every admin/customizer to look through this options, as some of them can completely change the behaviour of CRM.

Back to our initial problem – if we would like to disable appending the GUID after the name of the record, we just have to run:

Microsoft.Crm.SE.OrgDBOrgSettingsTool.exe Update /u onedynamics  CreateSPFoldersUsingNameandGuid False

And now all the folders created by Dynamics 365 in SharePoint will not have this ugly GUID after the name of the record (of course you should remember not to have duplicated names for your entity records, otherwise you are asking for trouble).


Pawel Gradecki

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